Sunday, September 13, 2015

My third time dining at Noble Spice

Went here for dinner a few weeks ago and got addicted, then I went for the lunch buffet but unfortunately they had a groupon promotion so there were too many people there.
Decided to go back for dinner.

Started with poppadoms.

Here was what I had for dinner

I was given this by a guy nearby so decided to order it.
For $38 I got to try the momos, beaten rice and chicken tikka.

The highlight was the beaten rice which is flattened rice that is crispy. It was different and interesting eating crispy flakes of flat rice.
The momo was basically juicy dumplings filled with chicken and the chicken tikka was tasty.
egg fried rice:

The egg fried rice was delicious because each grain of rice was distinct and flavoured. The bits of egg were fragrant and delicate with a tad of MSG that made it delicious but not abused.
Although it was good, I am pretty sure the person who cooked it is different to the chef on the first visit.
Masala omelette:

Basically this was a jazzed up omelette with coriander, spices and juicy sweet bell peppers.
egg bhurji:

This was scrambled eggs with onions, tomato and spices but the tomato taste is not as strong as it looks but the egg was delicious with the finely chopped onions that gave it a crisp texture.
This was perfect with the rice above!
Again it was good, but I am pretty sure the person who cooked it is different to the chef on the first visit.
chicken kadai:

This was a sweet tasting curry.

I chose the one filled with potatoes and it was so nice because the mashed potatoes were silky and fluffy.

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