Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sweet Quesadillas at 食好D

Went here because of the weird Quesadillas filled with green paste.

The green paste is not guacamole but matcha, condensed milk and mozzarella cheese.
The cheese and matcha paste was not evenly mixed and the cheese was in the middle.
I took a bite which only had matcha paste and it was quite nice because it tastes like custard.
As I got to the middle, there was some cheese which was luckily tasteless or the cheesiness would have ruined the taste.

I also tried the chicken with Hainan spicy sauce quesadilla and it was too spicy but Thankfully it was not the sweet Chinese chili sauce.

It was pretty good with chicken and melted cheese as filling but I will request for less chili sauce next time.
Singed fried rice:

I wonder if rice is getting expensive these days, because most places are using Japanese pearl rice which is horrible, why don't they use Indian rice.
Anyway, the fried rice had quite a charred taste and smell because nearly every grain of rice was singed by the flames when it got tossed in the air.
Nice and carcinogenic!
Not much taste but all you could taste was burnt rice.

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