Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Great views and fine food at A La Umai

The first thing that gets your attention when you arrive at the restaurant is the beautiful view of Hong Kong.
You are greeted with the view of the typhoon shelter and exhibition centre.

A different perspective!


Started off with warm and crispy bread.

Iberico ham with melon:

The ham was waxy and flavourful paired nicely with the sweet crisp melon.
French oyster bisque:

For starters I chose the oyster bisque which was loaded with chopped up oysters.
The taste was strong and the taste was similar to Chinese dried oysters (Ho See) in soup form.
Braised Australian kobe boneless oxtail with Rosemary red wine sauce:

The name was rather fancy and I wonder if the tail would taste any different to other cows from other countries because all tails are the same.
Anyway, it was nice that it was boneless which meant you got all the delicate tail meat in rich red wine sauce.
As expected the beef was tender and gelatinous.
Tomato with Champagne jelly:
The dessert was interesting because it was tomato with Champagne jelly.

The jelly was refreshing but the champagne flavour could be stronger and the tomato was sweet which made it appropriate as dessert but kind of weird eating sweet tomatoes.
The set dinners are priced from HKD$398-528 with 10% on top depending on the mains you choose.
The only flaw was the air conditioning which was too cold especially if you are sitting in the middle facing the window.

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