Friday, 4 September 2015

Seafood Mondays at Hotel Icon's Green

Went here with the gang to try the semi-buffet special offered on Mondays which features all you can eat seafood buffet with a choice of main courses and a dessert from the cabinet for $478.

The seafood selection was good, there were lobsters, yabbies, botan shrimps, sashimi and soup.

All of the seafood were fresh and sweet.

They bring over a bread selection for you to choose.

On the table, there was a delicious pot of pepper pate which tastes great with the bread.

After the seafood, we chose our mains.
I went for the beef tenderloin and the beef was tender and juicy with a lovely mash beneath.

For desserts, it was hard choosing a cake from the cabinet because there were so many good options.

Luckily, there were four of us so we chose different cakes to try.

The strawberry and olive was really nice with soft sponge cake in the middle.

The Jasmine and chocolate had a good balance between chocolate and Jasmine.

The green tea had a rich green tea taste without being too sweet.

We didn't choose durian, but there is a durian cheesecake!

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