Saturday, 5 September 2015

Teas infused with pandan at Modos

I love this joint because of the silky tofu, pandan desserts and drinks.
Went here again as I was in the area and got the tofu pudding and a drink.
Just as I was about to order the drink, they told me there were some new drinks which are teas mixed with their homemade pandan syrup.

There were two that I had to try: Earl grey pandan and the Oolong pandan.
They don't have Iron buddha pandan tea yet but I think it should taste nice.
Earl grey pandaniac:

The combination of earl grey and pandan was surprisingly fragrant but it is hard to describe.
Very aromatic and you can't stop drinking it.
Oolong pandaniac:

The oolong taste was not strong and all you could taste was the pandan so it is hard to comment whether it was nice.
I want to try this drink again and hopefully the oolong flavour is stronger next time.
The bill: $24
Service: OK
Sweetness levels: just right
English Menu: Yes

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