Thursday, 3 September 2015

The ultimate Chinese sausages at Hong Kong's Ser Wong Fun

I used to like this other place in CWB for Chinese sausages but not anymore since I tried this place.
Every time I am in Central I will always pass this place but there are too many enticing restaurants that I skip this place.

Ended up trying this place one rainy night because I was too lazy to walk somewhere else.
I went for the Chinese sausages with rice and had both types, the liver sausages and the red preserved sausages.

To my surprise the red preserved sausages were sweet and hard without fatty bits so I really liked it.
Normally I won’t eat the reds because they burst with oil and horrible squidgy fat.
The liver sausage was even better because it was velvety and there were not much fatty bits in it either.
Anyway, I hope to come again and try the other dishes.

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