Friday, December 26, 2014

Seafood galore at Su Casa

This place is located on the second floor and easily missed.
When I arrived I was greeted with a nice tranquil restaurant with a seafood bar.

Although it was my first time there, I bumped into a friend that always dines there for the oysters.

We had quite a feast that night.

Here was what we had:
Started with oysters Oysters: Arousa (Spain), Mermaid, White pearl and the Gillardeau from France.
Crabe Tourteau:
To be honest, I just enjoyed the crab roe part and the grey matter which had a rich and strong crab taste with a seawater taste.
Scampi from South Africa:
It was visually stunning to see the whole scampi in its beautiful coral pink shells.
The scampi was sweet and springy that it did not require any seasoning.
smoked salmon with arugula salad:
Delicious slices of smoked salmon.
seared US asparagus and bacon rolls:
Big juicy asparagus tips wrapped in smokey bacon strips.
button mushroom stuffed with chorizo cutlet:
 Mushroom lovers delight, crispy coated mushroom stuffed with tasty pieces of chorizo in the middle.
sauteed clams with basil white wine sauce:
These sauteed fresh clams were sweet with fragrant basil which really brought out the sweetness of the clams.
sauteed mussels with white wine cream sauce:
I loved these mussels because they were fresh springy ones but I found the sauce too creamy.
Duck Foie Gras Linguini with wild mushrooms:

This was my favourite, I loved the al-dente linguine tossed in the oil from the foie gras.
There were so many pieces of foie gras and earthy mushrooms.
oyster soup with oyster:
This was my favourite because the soup was extremely rich and it tasted of crab too.
roasted pork ribs wtih bbq sauce and french fries
Tender ribs with delicious smoky sauce.
Each rib was extremely meaty and soft.
Baked Alaska:
This was the best dessert in terms of presentation and taste because alcohol was poured on top and set alight.
It was light and airy egg white with a strong alcoholic taste with icecream in the middle.
Su Casa Chilean Oyster
2/F, No.2 Sun Wui Road Causeway Bay.
2805 7031

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