Saturday, December 13, 2014

Round 1: Magic mushrooms

I came here especially for these magic mushrooms, they won't send you on a trip but they will sure tantalize your tastebuds.

They are basically buns filled with chopped mushrooms and truffle coated in edible brown powder to look like they were just plucked from the soil.

These buns were delicious with warm mushrooms in the middle covered in fragrant truffle sauce.

Apart from the food, this restaurant was surreal, the menu is like a catalog of pastel bowls and dishes with food.

The presentation is wonderful, food is presented like art and in a Western way.

The bowl with flies on it as part of the design will make the elderly or food inspectors look twice which they probably don't find it amusing, the same as carrying a fake gun into the airport.

Anyway, everything was good but the bill took a while to arrive because I messaged my friend who was also dining there to say bye but I was still there for quite some time.

He later messaged me to say that his bill took ages to come after requesting it too.

Social Place (Central)
2F The L Place ,
139 Queen Road Central
Round 2 @ dimdimsum:

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