Thursday, December 04, 2014

Great teas from Happy Lemon

Finally tried Happy Lemon because I was in the area and this branch is better than the MK branch because it is spacious with good lighting.
The drinks menu was quite interesting, they had fruit teas and wacky stuff like tea with cream cheese.
I had the tea flower melon tea.

When it came, you could see wedges of lemon and a teabag in the drink.
Natural flavourings!!
The tea bag was impressive because it meant that they don't use tea powder so it made me curious how they got the tea flavour in a cold drink because tea bags need to be steeped in hot water.
At the bottom, there was jelly.
The drink was surprisingly good because it wasn't too sweet and it had a strong tea which was slightly bitter with a sweet after tone.
There was no melon taste even though it is called a melon tea.

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