Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bubbling sukiyaki on a cold day at 醉串

I was going to have the cheese fondue again but I had too much cheese this week so I had the Sukiyaki instead and a few other skewers.
Seafood Shabu Shabu $228:

The seafood shabu shabu came in a sweet sukiyaki broth which had a nice smokey flavour.
There were giant prawns in the pot and my favourite tofu pieces.
My friend was really hungry so ordered extra pork slices ($58) and udon ($22).

Chongqing style grilled chicken $18:

This was my favourite because I love chicken, it was grilled to perfection with some crispy edges and I loved the bold Sichuan spices.
Grilled Chicken wings $18:

Again more chicken because I felt like having chicken that night.
Delicately flavoured with a crispy skin.
Grilled salted fish head:

I loved this because we were given the jaw part which was moist and very gelatinous with lots of jelly like cartilage.
Grilled pineapple $20:

To finish off, had some grilled juicy pineapple.

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