Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Southeast Asian delights at Miramar

I have always loved Southeast Asian food and there are so many variations.

At Sungei Wang they specialise in Malaysian dishes.

Here's what we tried
Barley and lemon drink:
This was thick with a strong lemon taste.

Grapefruit and seafood salad dressed in Iced plum juice

I found the dressing too sweet because the seafood tasted sweet.
Bak Kut Teh

The bak kut teh broth could have been stronger because I like the herbs to be strong.

The roti was soft and flakey which was delicious with the curry sauce.
Roasted eggplant and dried fish with sambal chili sauce

This was my favourite because it came with yoghurt sauce that gave it an Indian touch to it.
I don't normally like Sambal sauce but the lemongrass was light so I found it palatable.
Thai beef short beef

The beef was juicy paired with delicious tangy sauce.
Garlic and cheese scallop

I don't think this is Asian but the scallops were juicy and big.
Malaysian curry chicken
The chicken in the curry was tender because it was spring chicken but it was not reflected on the English menu.
I really liked this curry because it was light and there were lots of earthy mushrooms in it which always go well with chicken.
Singapore pepper crab
The crab was really tasty and springy but the pepper was not strong enough.
Chicken Satay:

Juicy chicken satay skewed with chicken breast which had a strong taste of cumin.
Indonesian fried rice:

The Indonesian fried rice was served in a sizzling pot which burnt the rice on the edges giving you an interesting mix of soft rice and crispy rice.
Again, the fried rice could have been spicier. 
They are currently experimenting on the dishes because people in different areas of Hong Kong have different tastebuds and requirements, but in my opinion I would like the herbs and spices to be stronger.

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