Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lobster buffet 2+2 café ( Royal park hotel)

I don't often go to Shatin because it is too far away, but this time I went there for the lobster buffet.

When I arrived I was greated with chilled lobsters and an array of seafood.

The people dining there were well mannered and got their food in an orderly fashion.
The buffet range was surprisingly good because they had quite a good variety.

Seafood grill:

Seafood tempura:

Lobster souffle:

Cakes and macarons:

My favourites were the oysters and they even had roasted pigeon.

The seafood soup was rich and loaded with lobster meat.

After having the mains, I moved on to dessert which was surprisingly good because the cakes were not too sweet with a good variety.

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