Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tea, the new fashion trend at The Tea Academics

Went a while ago and tried to ago again but it seems that they are under renovation because it has been almost a week that they are closed.

There has been a spate of Tea places opening with another small joint called jrink located in Tai Hang which I shall review later.

I felt that they could do with some fine improvements.
Earl grey chocolate tea:
The presentation was impressive because it looked like a pot plant with soil foam on top.

When I stirred the drink, I discovered that it was more like a hot chocolate drink than tea.
At the bottom of the drink, there was yuzu jam which brought out the earl grey flavours but as you drank it the earl grey tea leaves were big and annoying because they were prickly and not soft enough for you to swallow.


The scone was good because it had a nice doughy smell and taste to it just like Marks and Spencers but I was expecting cream or clotted cream and not a huge scoop of butter which is going to be wasted because no one is going to actually use a whole scoop of butter on one scone unless they have a sick fetish for butter.
Choy cha:

This was vegetable tea which I was really looking forward to because I love vegetable teas like Numi.
If you search for Numi you will find many wonderful flavours such as broccoli tea, spinach tea, beetroot tea etc.

Anyway, the vegetable tea looked promising because there was so much chopped vegetables, vermicelli and other goodies.
Unfortunately, the taste was foul because it was sweet. It was the first time tasting sweet leafy vegetables.
I am always raring to try new items but sweet vegetable tea is just too weird for my brave tastebuds.
On the next visit I shall ask them not to sweeten it but they haven't been open for me to try it yet.

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