Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Znozz is the way to go!

Discovered Znozz when I was dining across the road.

I was curious to know what it was because the name Znozz reminds me of naps and I soon forgot about this place until I was given a Halloween flyer with a makeup session held at Znozz.

Anyway, I went to their Facebook and found out that it was a private lounge where one can take a rest or nap!! How awesome is that and in the heart of Central too near the MTR and Lan Kwai Fong.

For people working in Central, this is an ideal place to have their lunches in peace or order it and have it delivered there.
There are various rooms, the one at the far end is the biggest with a balcony facing Wellington Street.

Each room is equipped with a toilet, shower, charging accessories and a TV.

One of the rooms has massage chairs.

Outside they have lockers, board games and magazines for your use!!

Every guest is given a choice of three snacks when they stay there!!!
I tried out the big suite at Znozz before an event and it was a great place to get ready and crash out for a bit.
They let me use their lockers so I could leave and collect my belongings after the function and you don't have to worry how late they close because they close at 6am in the morning!

After lounging out at Znozz and getting ready, I was ready to rock at the event~!

Thank you Znozz for the amazing experience!


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