Monday, December 15, 2014

Umai scam Neh!

They sell the salad by weight.

Before you pick your salad, you have to choose a pasta or salad base which takes up most of the box so you are paying mainly for the pasta/salad.

After you have chosen your salad/pasta they do not weigh it and they only give you a tiny pinch of salad from the cabinet to feed a mouse!
They only let you choose two items which is pathetic, at Tallore they give you a huge box and you are allowed to choose as many items as you want as long as the box is big enough.

It is so rubbish that you can't just choose the salad from the counter because it has to come with the compulsory pasta or plain salad leaves to fill up the box.

I had an the garland Chrysanthemum and beef, potato mentaiko and pasta.
The pasta base was awful and clumped together because it was chilled in the fridge for too long.
Personally I feel that Japanese soba noodles would be better than pasta because this is meant to be Japanese joint.

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