Friday, December 05, 2014

East Kowloon burger joint

East Kowloon is a great place for peace and quiet especially in the evenings because people leave the area as soon as they finish work.

As it was the festive season they had the Christmas sets and New year sets.

We had some a la carte items and some Christmas items.
[b]Salmon and avocado tartare:[/b]

To start off we had the salmon and avocado tartar which was lovely, the mix of creamy cubes of avocado and tasty salmon was just delicious.
[b]Crispy black truffle fries with mixed melted cheese $68 :[/b]

The fries were coated in delicious truffle complemented by the cheesy melted cheese.
[b]Broccoli bacon cheese balls $48:[/b]

These were my favourite because cheese and broccoli tastes great together and it was mixed with mashed potatoes in the middle.
[b]Wild mushroom cream soup $38:[/b]

A creamy earthy mushroom soup.
[b]Creamy tomato cream soup $38:[/b]

The tomato was creamy and savoury without being too sour.
[b]Crispy foie gras, black angus beef burger with thick fig balsamic:[/b]

Beef lovers are going to love this because the beef patty had a strong beef taste with a heavy charred flavour.
[b]Angus beef tenderloin with foie gras and gravy:[/b]
The beef was sweet and juicy with gravy pearls that were ready to burst open with gravy.
[b]Fresh Boston lobster Risotto:[/b]

The risotto was delicious because it absorbed all the flavours and the rice was al-dente without being too chalky.

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