Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Adrenaline rush at Adrenaline

I never would have imagined the experience at Happy Valley racecourse could be so good.
Happy Valley is on the Hong Kong side so it is easy to travel there and it is attended by so many expats.

We went on a wednesday to Adrenaline on a normal racing day which costs HK$350 per person including a buffet dinner and 1 adrenaline signature drink.
As an expat, the buffet was great because they had quite a lot of Tex-mex food such as cajun prawns, Southern fried chicken drumsticks, mac n cheese and chili con carne.

For dessert, my favourite was the British rice pudding with Devonshire cream.
Pictures taken at Adrenaline:
After watching some races at Adrenaline we decided to check out the party and get a closer look at the horses.
The place was buzzing with vibes.
Souvenirs from the races.

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