Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Crab roe chain at 雄丼丼

After paying $148 for a crab roe udon 蟹皇油烏冬 Donka in Central I found out that 雄丼丼 Hung Don Don and DONKA 自家湯汁麵食專門店 are part of the same group.
The crab roe dish 蟹皇油 is the cheapest at Quarry bay's 雄丼丼 Hung Don Don which is served on rice, whereas DONKA 自家湯汁麵食專門店 (North point) and DONKA 一碗一串 (central) both cost $148 served with udon.
There is another copycat nearby in QB that also serves these dishes too.

Basically they all serve the same dishes such as shredded chicken in Shaoxing wine, rice in lobster broth 龍蝦湯泡飯 etc.

The crab roe with minced pork on rice was ok at this place, there was quite a lot of minced pork in the sauce, however the vinegar tastes better here because it is more fruity and acidic whereas the one in Central failed as a vinegar as it was sweet only.

DONKA (north point) 自家湯汁麵食專門店 北角
DONKA (Central) 一碗一串
My review at Central's Donka:

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