Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas burger at Texas Burger

Went here during the Xmas period.

Tried the new lamb burger and the PP burger.

Chocolate trilogy:

Started off with the chocolate trilogy milkshake which had a rich chocolate taste.
Pulled lamb burger:

The lamb burger was really good because it was pulled pieces of lamb with melted cheese on top, a great alternative to pulled pork but I have liked more cheese on top.

PP burger:

This was my favourite because PP stands for Portobello mushroom and Prosciutto.
The prosciutto was a nice surprise because it was crispy and delicious and the portobello mushroom was juicy and earthy.

A lovely light burger that is not totally vegetarian but people who are not fond of meat will probably fall for this.

Camembert wedges with strawberry sauce:

The camembert wedges were gooey and stringy inside like mozzarella cheese with a light camembert taste.

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