Friday, December 05, 2014

Purple Christmas magic

For the coming Christmas, Maxim's have launched three pretty cakes.

1. X'mas Tree $138
2. La Foret Blanc $128
3. X'mas Reindeer $188

The X'mas tree is a cake with mixed fruits, cream on a chocolate butter cake base coated with crispy chocolate rice which is covered in sweet potato cream, decorated with white, yellow chocolate pearls, chocolate Holly leaf and a golden chocolate star.

The La Foret Blanc is basically a white chocolate cake with Bavarois cream and crispy salted caramel.

Last but not least is the Reindeer which is a chocolate mousse cake with hazelnut, dark chocolate, marshmallows and crispy chocolate.

As well as cakes, they also have a fruit puff assortment.

Tried the sweet potato which was visually good to look at as well as being delicious because I loved the soft chocolate spongecake in the middle which tasted really nice with the mixed fruits and the velvety white cream and silky sweet potato puree on the outside.
When I was collected the cake, they put it in an Angry Bird cake box (errr I don't think the Xmas cake was supposed to go in that box!!!)

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