Saturday, December 13, 2014

Round 2: Magic mushrooms

Walked past and saw the poster for these mushroom buns, the new dimsum craze.

Tried these mushroom buns for the first time at Social Place in Central.
mushroom buns:
Compared to Social place, you get two in a portion and they are slightly bigger.

They had a stalk at the bottom as well.

Inside the bun, it was filled with chicken in cream sauce but not much of it.
The texture of the bun was fluffier than the bun at Social place but the filling at Social place was better.

Stir fried noodles with abalone slices:

There was not much abalone in it but the noodles were quite nice, each strand was not too soft and it was not oily.
G/F, 7 Tin Lok Lane,, Wan Chai

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