Saturday, December 27, 2014

Still the best dim sums at Dragon I

As I havent tried the China Club, this is still my favourite place for dim sum.
I have been here so many times and the food is consistently delicious!

The menu changes from time to time so this time I got to order the taro puffs and other rice rolls that were not there before.

Started with the jellyfish, each piece was big and chunky seasoned by the aromatic chili sesame sauce.

Next tried the taro puff and they were just like the ones in the UK however the filling was a bit bland, but it was near perfect because it wasn't oily nor was there any rancid oil taste.

The fried prawn dumplings are always good, they are crispy with springy crab and prawn meat inside.

The rice rolls are still the best because the rice roll sheet is always thin and springy.
The vegetable rice rolls are my favorite because they are crispy in the middle filled with white radish and coriander.

The dough stick rice rolls are worth ordering because they give you this delicious bean sauce which makes them taste amazing.

Last but not least, the new fish rice rolls which I found a bit boring.

Almost 99% of the items were delicious and the tea was great so I will definitely be back.

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