Sunday, December 07, 2014

Lovely syringe gimmick

Honestly I came here because of the syringe!!!!

Oddies Foodies is also doing a dessert served with a syringe but the queue is endless which is why I came here.

The idea of using syringes as a gimmick would be absurb to the older Chinese generation because the Chinese culture is very superstitious about hospitals and anything related to it.
They try to avoid the taboo if it can be avoided.
Sometimes, when people talk about a morbid subject, they will mutter something like "choi" [o彩過你把口] or ask them to spit it out and say it again because they fear it will bring them harm or illness.

Things have now changed and the younger generation are more open to ideas and things like plastic pills which are commonly used in designs and decorations.

Anyway, lets talk about the really cool dessert.

I ordered the apple crumble which came with a syringe filled is jam!!

The icecream was really smooth and milky, the taste was bland but very buttery, after adding the jam and eating it with the crumbs and pieces of apple, it was really nice because all the tastes went together and the sweetness was just right.
I loved the pieces of apple because they were crisp with a hint of cinammon.

I was expecting an ordinary syringe (possibly a novelty one) but it was a real medical one by a reputable brand called Terumo.

The syringes that they use for the dessert are sterile and come in sealed packs which indicate one time use only because in the medical world they must be disposed safely after use to prevent needlestick injuries and contamination.

Terumo is a Japanese medical equipment company which specializes in Intravenous catheters, Infusion sets, Artificial heart and lungs, Blood glucose and blood pressure monitoring systems, Blood transfusion-related products, Oncology safety products, Peripheral stents and Oxygenators.

So if you are a Medical professional, you should know about these Medical directories called Medi-Bank Drug and Equipment found in hospitals and clinics for looking up dosage information, medicines, pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment.
[Apart from Medi-Bank, there are other publications available such as the BNF and MIMs for medicinal information but personally I find Medi-Bank easier to use because of the colourful tab sections.]

ICE POP Nitrogen Ice-cream
Shop B, 9-11 Pennington Street,Causeway Bay

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