Monday, December 15, 2014

Tried the wrong item at 西香記 (紅磡)

Walked past and saw this interesting joint which specializes in Rou jia mo.

Rou jia mo (meat burger/sandwich) is a street snack that originates from the Shaanxi Province and now widely consumed all over China.
In China, different provinces will have different variation in fillings.

Original Rou jia mo:

Unfortunately, the one I had was tasteless and had lots of oil dripping from it.

The vinegar made it slightly better.

Although I didn't like the food, it was good that they put effort into the design of the packaging and there is a QR code on the back of the bag.

To summarize I made the wrong decision in ordering this because the noodles that other people ordered looked so much better.
If I happen to be in the area again, I am going to try those noodles.
西香記 Chang'An Taste
Shop 2 D, G/F, Bulkeley Street, Hung Hom

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