Monday, December 08, 2014

Dinner delights at Loong Toh Yuen

Loong Toh Yuen is a lovely Chinese restaurant located in the heart of 1881 Heritage by the courtyard.

Inside, there is nice oriental decor which expats would love.

At the moment, they are doing special Hairy crab dishes as well as their regular menu.

We had some chef signature dishes and some hairy crab dishes.
Tossed green bamboo and black fungus with hairy crab roe $98:

We started off with this dish which tasted great with or without vinegar and the green bamboos were incredibly crispy and juicy. The black fungus and green bamboo were heavily flavoured with a delicious sesame oil taste which was then tastier with the crab roe.
Roasted peking duck served with chinese pancake $438:

I love duck with pancakes but in Hong Kong they eat them differently because they just serve the skin.
At this place, the duck skin was divine because it was crispy and there was not much fat on it which made it sensational with pancakes, cucumber and the sauce which is the key to a perfect pancake.
Stir fried egg white with black truffle and hairy crab roe:

The egg white had a nice chunky coarse texture which mimicked the crab meat nicely while the hairy crab roe and black truffle complemented it nicely.
Pan fried spare ribs with strawberry and champagne sauce $198:

As they always say Champagne and strawberries!!!
Here it was spare ribs in champagne and strawberry sauce which was really luxurious and a nice treat for people who don't drink champagne.
Apart from spareribs, their champagne prawn dumplings are also famous.
I am not good with eating Chinese spareribs because they are cut differently, neverless the sauce was beautiful and dreamy with the champagne flavour.
Fried homemade noodles with wild mushroom and spicy minced pork $168:

When the noodles came, I thought they were stir fried flat rice noodles because each strand was perfectly uniform and did not look like they were sliced with a knife.
Anyway, I really liked it because it was tasty with earthy mushrooms and a hint of spiciness from the pieces of pork.
Fried rice with vegetables wrapped with Lotus leaf $148:

The fried rice was vegetarian which suitable for vegetarians.
Sweetened almond soup with glutinous rice dumplings $48:

After the mains we had almond soup which was creamy with a strong nutty almond taste.
There put bamboo piths in it which had a texture strikingly similar to birds nest.
Chinese petit fours:

Ended dinner with cashew pastries and chrysanthemum jellies.
Loong Toh Yuen:
G/F, Hullett House, 1881 Heritage, 2A Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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