Friday, December 12, 2014

Yo! What a good thickshake!

Saw this listed but I wasn't motivated to go but then my dearest LLWL showed me pics so I decided to go there!
I got it for half price because they have just opened and I hope to make another trip there soon to try the other flavours.

Basically you choose a flavour, then you pick milkshake style or thickshake style.

If you choose the milkshake style, there are more options to choose from such as adding topping and a scoop of icecream to it!

The toppings are shown on the train.

Icecream selection:

I went for thickshake because there's nothing like a good American style thickshake with icecream blended in.

The thickshake arrived surprisingly fast and they were able to make it less sweet as requested.

I had the Taro thickshake and it tasted amazing because it was real thick blended with sweet icecream in it with a hint of Taro.
I really appreciated the colour because most taro flavours are lilac which means the taro flavouring here has no colouring :)

Anyway, hope to try the Green Tea thickshake next.

The menu was a bit difficult to see though because it is below the freezer cabinet, so you have to crouch down and read it or read it from a distance if your not short sighted!!
Anyway, fear not, they have menus at the counter.

Yo Yo Shake
G/F., 121A Wan Chai Road, Hong Kong


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