Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas treats at Passion by Gerard Dubois

Had a pre Christmas gathering here so had some Christmas treats that were exclusive to this branch.
Before we had the cakes, we started off with salad and sandwiches.
Here was my favourite salad and I always choose the creamy beetroots, tasty couscous and tomato salad with buffalo cheese.

Had the quiche of the day which was bacon and asparagus.
The quiche filling was very smooth and velvety similar to Chinese steamed egg.

The smoked salmon rilette was really tasty because there were capers and onions in the filling giving it more dimension other than just creamy salmon.

Started on the Christmas log which was divine because there were layers of silky chocolate mousse with refreshing passionfruit in the middle.

We also had the strawberry and blueberry danish which were exclusives at this branch.

To finish off, had Earl Grey tea.

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