Monday, December 08, 2014

InnoVative Vegetarian food

Since my last visit, there are so many new dishes ranging from Italian, Thai to Chinese!!!!!

Here was what we had:
Innoveggie salad $68:

To start off with, we had a refreshing salad.
Toast with beancurd and cheese $48:

This was delicious toast with soft and supple tofu topped with grilled cheese.
Crab croquettes $48:

The croquettes were wrapped in crispy noodle strands, in the middle they were filled with mash.
They came with a sweet mushroom sauce but they were good with or without the sauce.
Japanese pancake $38:

This was like eating a Chinese radish cake because it was loaded with julienne radish and vegetables.
Innoveggie pizza $98:

The pizza was amazing because there was fermented beancurd spread as well as cheese which gave it a stronger taste.
The pizza base was thin like a cracker.
Innoveggie assorted cold dishes $98:

The platter had red cabbage salad with sesame, cold beancurd with sesame dressing, preserved duck egg and ginger, FuQiPeiPian, Marinated dried bean curd.
My favourite was the red cabbage which was dressed in citrus juices and the cold beancurd was good too because it had soyabrean taste and not the tasteless silky beancurd that comes from the packet.
Mashed potato with truffle $38:

The potato mash was a nice filler, flavoured with the lovely truffle paste on top.
spinach lasagne $88:

The lasagne was my favourite, a decent portion filled with so much spinach and sliced mushrooms.

A tasty and filling dish!!!
Chinese cabbage in soymilk broth $39:

This was also my favourite because it was SIMPLE and DELICIOUS, the Chinese cabbage was fresh and sweet drenched in nourishing savoury soymilk which I drank after finishing the vegetables.
Crispy fried soymilk $45:

Finally a vegetarian version of fried milk~!
It was crispy filled with delicious sweet soymilk curd in the middle.
Barley soymilk:

The barley soymilk was really relaxing because it tasted like muesli and the sweetness was just right.
dessert platter $88:

The dessert platter had Cassava with coconut puree, apple crumble, pandan pudding.
My favourite was the cassava because it had a nice starchy hard texture.
For apple crumble and icecream lovers, I suggest ordering a Icecream from LabMade to go with it!!
Coming back soon to Innoveggie!!
G/F., 2-4 Fort Street, North Point

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