Thursday, December 18, 2014

The best lobster brunch at Opera House Italian

This was my second visit because I enjoyed the food so much!!
I am going to go again very soon but it will have to be next year sob sob!!

On this visit, they had lasagne and chocolate cake which was not there before.


Chocolate cake:

Here was what I had:
Started with this springy delicious lobster.

Tried the lobster benedict which had thick and delicious runny yolk in the middle.

Then I had some pasta which was al-dente in tangy tomato sauce:

The steak here was really good too, it was juicy and sweet.

The lobster broth was rich:

Next I had my favourite creamy burrata which had runny cheese in the middle.

To finish off I had the pistachio gelato which was amazing with natrual pistachio taste.

The lobster panna cotta was interesting and different because the lobster was sweet.

Coming back again very very soon!!
At the back, there is a kids room where they can play!!

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