Thursday, December 18, 2014

Trinidadian Black Rum and Fruit cake dessert at Mandy's Private Kitchen

Found out on their FB that they have this new dessert so went in to try it.
As well as dessert I am tempted by their Christmas and Boxing day menu because it only costs $3xx per person which is a really good deal compared to those foul tasting places charging $6XX per person just because it is Christmas.

There is Turkey on the menu and a very special turkey because it is Jerk Turkey served with roast potatoes!!!!

Anyway, the dessert I had was the Trinidadian Black Rum and Fruit cake dessert which is served with hot berry sauce and ice cream.
The fruit in it is fermented for 3 months in rum and sherry.

You can buy the cakes or you can dine there.

There are several sizes for takeaway which are nicely wrapped up:
2lb $250, 1lb $150, and 1/2lb $80.

Hot sorrel punch with lime:

It was my first time having it hot and the taste was different because it was more refreshing and the lime taste was stronger.
Trinidadian Black Rum and Fruit cake:
Normally it is served with icecream but I requested for cream because I didn't want the sweetness of the icecream to overpower anything.

Before trying the cake, I tried the hot berry sauce which I thought was hot in temperature but it was hot as in spicy hot.
It was not too fiery but it gave a nice kick to the cake while the cream toned it down.

The cake itself was firm and moist with a strong rum taste and you've just got to dine there because the cream and hot berry sauce are the best compliments.


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