Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Crap service at Tai Koo's Choux Creme

This branch of Choux Creme is right next to some other stall.
Anyway, when I went to order, there was only one staff there in Choux uniform so I assumed she was the one to approach.
After I approached her, she went to the other stall and poked the staff who then served me.
It appeared that she did not understand English so I spoke Chinese back, anyway they are doing a stamps promotion but she didn't give me a stamp card until I asked.
There were double stamps that day too which I had to remind her.

Ironically the reluctant woman who poked the other staff to serve me had to make the choux creme because the one I wanted was out of stock!!
[b]Apple and cinnamon puff:[/b]

The apple and cinnamon puff was surprisingly good because the pieces of apple were not too sweet and the choux was light and crispy with light buttery taste.
[b]The bill:[/b] $22
[b]Service:[/b] crap
[b]Service charge:[/b] no
[b]Yummy factor:[/b] ok
[b]Sweetness levels:[/b] just right
[b]English Menu:[/b] Yes

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