Friday, December 05, 2014

KFC deliveries!

Ordered this because we were filming a Food delivery challenge to see which restaurant was the most efficient and KFC was one of them.

KFC was definitely the most inefficient and branches of KFC are scarce these days because not many dine there.
When we called them up at 11ish, we were given a two hour delivery time which I think they say to deter people from getting deliveries.
All the other deliveries we ordered had arrived, we were still waiting and waiting for KFC and the producer was wondering whether to switch off the cameras.
The doorbell rung and it was a very dramatic scene, a desperately exhausted woman was carrying so many bags of KFC to be delivered in the same area!!
Although she didn't know she was being filmed, she happened to add drama to the show by saying "I am just trying to do my job"

Anyway, tried the red bean cakes which I found too sweet and starchy.

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