Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Happy Monday at Dijaya

I was having dinner nearby but we were really early so decided to have a drink while we were waiting for the rest of the group.

My friend suggested Dijaya which is located at No.8 Minden Avenue, only half minute's walk from the MTR Station & Nathan Road. She was obviously familiar with the bars because she said there was a Monday night promotion for 3 cocktails which was a perfect deal for the three of us!

Apart from that, there was a Happy hour deal too.
Christmas deal:

We were greeted with a classy chic entrance.

As it was early, the place was empty so we got to choose where to sit.

They have these round cozy compartments.

There was a curvy bar table, great for watching the bartender show their cocktail skills.

At the front of the bar, there is a lounge area where you can take your shoes off and crash out.

At the back, there was more seating.

There was also a private room where the sofas can be rearranged to suit bigger groups.

We sat at the cozy round compartments because it was a good place to chat and I liked the glistening disco ball that was above us.

After we settled down, they gave us the snack menu and suggested a wine for us.
The menu was surprisingly extensive because it varied from chicken wings to oyster platters.
There was pizza and pasta on the menu too.

We were having dinner afterwards so we stuck to our original plan which was the Happy Monday offer.
The bartender was really helpful because we were not sure what cocktails to choose so he helped us with our choices by asking our preferences.
We all had different preferences, I went for the sour option, my friend opted for the sweet and the other friend chose a fruity drink!

After a while our drinks came so cheers to Happy Monday!!
Our colourful trio of cocktails!!
Here comes the different drinks that we had:
[b]Green garden:[/b]
This drink had lychee, mint, apple juice, lychee wine and rum.
It was sweet with a prominent lychee taste and a slight sour aftertaste.
My friend liked it because the mint was not that strong with a fragrant lychee taste.
[b]Dijaya mocktail:[/b]
This drink was made for me because it was nice and refreshing with a mix of pineapples, lemons and apples.
A great drink for putting me in the mood for dinner.
[b]Berry Berry:[/b]
My sweetie friend had the berry berry which was a sweet mix of strawberry, blueberry, lime and cranberry, definitely the drink for her because she is girly and fun!
I also tried this drink and it had a prominent strawberry and cranberry taste.
When we finished the drinks, the guys were arriving so we quickly paid the bill and went to the next location.
It was definitely a good place to relax and we would have stayed longer if we didn't have dinner.
Overall, I was impressed with this bar because it was clean and a comfortable place for hanging out with friends.
Shop 3-4, G/F., The Pinnacle, 8 Minden Ave. Tsim Sha Tsui.

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