Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Finally tried 3.6.9. Restaurant Shanghai Food

3.6.9. Restaurant Shanghai Food (Wan Chai)

This restaurant is quite historic in Wan Chai because it has been here for ages.
The decor is old and they use red tablecloths.

As you can see the menu is all in Chinese which was why I didn't try this place earlier and the restaurant seems busy all the time and the waiters are rushed.

Dined there when it was empty and the waitress was patient and helpful.

I loved the broth which was clear chicken soup, it was loaded with lots of prawns, chicken, thick cut ham and spring onions.
Unfortunately I did not like the type of noodles they served because it was similar to ramen.
Every person who sits down will be given a cup of tea which is compulsory and costs $3.
Luckily the tea was hot and it had a fragrant Jasmine taste otherwise it would have been a waste of money.

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