Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Chinese style Italian food in Kwun Tong

IT OF HK Restaurant (Kwun Tong)

Just tried this place because someone wanted to try it.
The decor was quite decent in the Kwun Tong area.

The menu looked Italian but clearly cooked in an adapted Chinese Italian style.

smoked duck breast salad:

It was simply lettuce with the standard smoked ducks breast that you can buy.
There was quite a fair bit of oil on it and the duck was pan fried.
I was glad there was no dressing on the salad because if the sauce is going to ruin it then I would prefer it without.
Pasta with salmon:

Very creamy and the sauce didn't mix well with the pasta.
The salmon was plonked on top but at least they did give you a decent amount of salmon.

The risotto was actually good because it had a strong tomato taste with a fair amount of diced peppers in it.

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