Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mother's Day cake range by Maxim's


Maxim's have launched a good choice of cakes for the big day.
My favourite is the Diamond Box which is a strawberry cake with a beautiful box and a white chocolate shaped diamond on top with flowers beside it.

The next on the list in terms of taste and appearance is the Flower Cake and the Sunflower Black forest.

I like the flower on the cross section when you slice the Flower Cake and the Black forest is always a popular flavour.

Then there is the sweet Macaron Tower or the Flower rainbow cake to choose from.

For mango lovers, there is the Sunflower mango crispy or the Rose blossom for rose lovers.

If all those choices were not enough, there are also two more fruity and summery cakes for energetic mums:

For down to earth mums, there are Chiffon cakes and for mums with green fingers they will love the Tiramisu Garden!!

It appears that Maxim's was a popular choice for the Mothers day cake.

Diamond box:
Thanks to Maxim's PR for sending me a redemption card for the Diamond box.

Basically there was a strawberry chocolate base that was part of the bottom half of the pillow, in the middle it was soft cake with fresh strawberry slices and strawberry mousse.

The mousse was light complemented by the strawberry slices.
On top of the cake, it was decorated with a pretty jewellery box containing a diamond made from white chocolate.


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