Saturday, April 05, 2014

Overpriced food at Yu Restaurant

Yu Restaurant (Ma On Shan)

Was forced to dine here because Chinese people only eat Chinese food.

The restaurant was nice and glitzy but the stupid thing was that you are going to pay around $1xxx for a meal and you still have to rinse those stupid bowls with hot water.
So it makes no difference dining at Cafe de Coral or Fairwood which is cheaper and you don't have to rinse anything but the downside is that it is self service so you need to collect the food yourself.

The menu was quite creative, eg sweet potato and cheese bun ..(weird)

Other items were good but if the Chef is crap, no matter how good you are at choosing the food, the dishes will taste crap.

roasted pigeon:

I could'nt believe the whole pigeon was sliced into 6 big chunks which made it difficult to share and eat.
Pigeon meat basically tastes like goose.
Purple Sweet potatoes and vegetables:

This was so disappointing compared to the one at 金滿庭京川滬菜館 Modern China Restaurant
There were more vegetables than purple sweet potato so they might as well have renamed the dish called Vegetables with purple sweet potato.
As you can see, there was such a stingy amount if you compare it to Modern China.

The stupid vegetables were not cut either, they only sliced the root away!
Oysters in fruit sauce:

Basically it was honey sauce.
The huge delicious oysters were ruined because it was wasted in batter!!
Places I have tried before normally cook it in a light flour coating.
Razor clams:
Chewy and not fresh.
Not fresh because the fish flesh was grey and murky
The chicken breast was soft and juicy, and the rest of the chicken was just skin and bones!!
I don't know why people pay $1xx only half a chicken that you can really eat!!
Lunch may be better because the review below says dinner is not so good.
This is the reason I don't eat Chinese food if I am not forced to because it is such a waste of time and money.

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