Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Earl grey tea jelly

After dining at Rosie Jeans's Cafe with <<IVY>>, went past Filter's Lane.

Initially I was not going to go in and have a look because I don't drink coffee but went in anyway since I was already on Caine Road.

Discovered that they serve Whittard tea as well and they also sell teaware.

Surprisingly, they had Earl grey jelly so I had that.
Earl grey jelly:

The tea jelly was great, the texture was just like normal jelly that you get in the UK.
It had a fragrant earl grey taste and it had a hint of sweetness which was great and did not ruin it.
On top of the jelly was delicious cream, mango puree and lemon peel.
I did not like the mango because I don't eat mango.
Filters Lane
111 Caine Road

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