Thursday, April 10, 2014

Birthday congee

Freshlodge Limited (Sheung Wan)

Thanks to <<IVY>> and Mjqueen7e for taking me here for my birthday.

I really wanted to try their congee after reading Ivy's review because the congee is not any normal congee.

This restaurant specializes in seafood but serves congee too!
Normally people will have congee when they are sick and there are restaurants that specialize in congee.

Seeing CRAB ROE CONGEE in big letters in English amongst the other dishes oddly stood out because the other dishes were Western and Japanese.

After ordering, they give you a bottle with a number so they know which table to bring the food to.

Chegworth valley drinks:

Great juices from the UK.
The apple and rhubarb one I had was really nice and refreshing.
Crab roe congee:

Amazing congee that was definitely delicious.
It was rich with lots of crab meat and tasty crab roe which gave the congee even more flavour.
There were pieces of sweetcorn and pork in the congee.

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