Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Delights from Phoenix city

Thanks to Jamel or I would not have known about this grubby restaurant.

I have walked past it so many times but it is always crowded with people that I did not bother to look.

Anyway, they specialize in noodles but most people order the pork chops with egg.

While I was sitting there, one of the tables got bird droppings on them because they were sitting beneath a tree.

Ordered spam and egg which came with soup and a drink.

It was quite nice getting the fish soup that they serve with noodles which has some MSG in it.
I liked the lettuce and there were some fishcake slices which act as fillers.
spam and egg:

On my next visit, I am going to request for sunny eggs because I didn't know you had to request for that.
In generally, the spam and eggs tasted quite nice and the soy sauce wasn't too salty.

For drinks, there are a choice of soy milk or bottled coke which is the big 330ml size.


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