Thursday, April 10, 2014

Roast pork mania at 旺豐美食

旺豐美食 (Wan Chai)

To be honest, their daily specials from the kitchen suck and in general the food is too salty!

It is a grubby restaurant and you can normally get seated quite quickly because there is no queue.

The simple items at this place taste better.

Roast pork with rice:

As you can see, the roast pork was evenly sliced, it was tender and moist.
Roast pork chow mein:

This was also delicious because of the roast pork.
The spring onions, onions and beanshoots enhanced the taste by making it more aromatic.
Again it would have been perfect if it was not so salty.
Crispy roast pork:

Not really my cup of tea, but I liked the crispy skin only.
Egg and spam:

The eggs were done so nicely.
Roast pork macaroni:

Again the broth was too salty, but the macaroni was the best I have had because it was al-dente and tasty.
The broth was clear without any oil poured over it.
Interesting finds:

When I left the place, it was interesting to see a bowl of water with loose change in it.

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