Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hooked again at Hooked

Went there again with <<IVY>> after dining at Rosie Jeans!!

HOOKED must have been flocked with chip lovers because they keep running out of chips!

A friend that I recommended this place to went today [9-april-14] and they were serving crinkle cut chips.
BUT, the staff didn't ask her which salt she wanted so she missed out on the different choices of salt they offer.

Apart from Beers, they have other beverages from Australia.
Chicken pie (pukka pie) $55:

It was so nice that <<IVY>> brought some cutlery along because I told her they don't have forks.
Anyway, the chicken pie was nice and the filling was quite thick which meant that you could probably eat it with your hands.
The pie crust was nice and flakey and it wasn't oily.
Battered banana $10:

Tried this on another visit without <<IVY>>.
I was surprised it was a WHOLE battered banana which was not even sliced in half!
I would advise shaking the bag before eating it because the cinnamon and sugar is at the bottom of the bag.
The banana was delicious because the battered coating was extremely light flavoured by the sugar and cinnamon.
86-88 Caine Road

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