Friday, April 11, 2014

Cheap cha chaan teng grub for less than HK$35

Went past and saw this menu.

It made me look twice because the prices were so cheap!

There were noodles for $25 or $23 depending on what you choose.

Went in and sat down.
The other items on the menu were also cheap too!
They had Wonton style noodles starting from $16 and the most expensive item was $35.

In the end I got some junk food for $25.
noodles with chicken wings:

I classify this as junk food the same way Chinese people classify chips and fried chicken as junk food.
The strands of noodles were nice and thin, each strand was evenly coated with oil and soy sauce.
The taste was slightly rancid but the chili sauce balanced it out.
chili oil:

One drop of this could kill you because it was super hot!
Restaurant: 蟠龍粉麵茶餐廳
Shop 2-3, G/F, 367-375 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan

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