Monday, April 28, 2014

Thai fusion in Hong Kong

In most peoples mind, Thai food is just Tom Yum Kung and green papaya but Bug and Bee is the new trend of Thai food from Thailand.

A few years ago Hong Kong was not ready for Thai fusion when it was commonly available in Thailand.

Apart from Bug and Bee, there are other similar restaurants that do Thai fusion such as Greyhound, Glasshouse and many more.

The Bug and Bee menu in Thailand has a bigger range, while the Hong Kong one does not serve all those items.

Curry crab crepe:

This was curry crab served on a crepe.
There were lots of chinese celery, green peppers and real crab meat.

The taste was amazing because there was so much crabmeat in it that was clean and did not have any crabshells.
Spinach crepe lasagne in Tomato sauce:

This was quite cool!! A crepe lasagne with spinach and lasagne sheet layers.
I just felt that the tomato sauce was too sweet.
Salmon and basil quiche:

When it came, the quiche looked flat like a pizza.

The quiche was quite nice and not very eggy, however the salad was not that pleasant because there was so much garlic in the dressing.
The customer service could be improved because I went there when they newly opened and they did not even give me a free drinks coupon for my next visit.
On my other visit, they only gave me the free drinks coupon because when I checked the bill I found out that I was over charged as there was a bug on their POS system.
The decor and location could be better.
Bug and Bee
G/F to 2/F., 456 Jaffe Road,Causeway Bay

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