Saturday, April 19, 2014

A wasted visit to Sam's Cook

Went there especially to try the noodles in milky broth.

When I got there, I couldn't quite find the handle to the door so they opened it for me.

The decor was plain and simple.

The macaroni came with drinks, but it was the Chinese range, so just took a few sips because I don't drink Chinese style drinks.
Macaroni with egg white, organic tofu and tofu puffs:

I was really annoyed with this because it was meant to come in pure white pork bone broth but it was not white at all.
Anyway I asked them why it was not white and he asked the kitchen and told me that it was sold out.
I wish they had told me when I ordered because it wasted my time and effort to dine there when I could have gone elsewhere.
However I should be grateful that they served me patiently because I was the last customer.
Apart from the broth, the other elements such as tofu, egg white, sweetcorn were quite nice and healthy.
Shop 3B, Fortune Terrace, 4-10 Tak Shing Steet, Jordan

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