Sunday, April 27, 2014

Waffle feast

After trying the chicken tikka waffle, there were so many more I wanted to try, so had it for dinner!!

You can now sit at the counter and eat.

Again I forgot my card, so I had to get my receipts stamped.

I ordered and ate the vegetarian waffle first.

After I finished that I had the prawn because I didn't want it to go cold.

The vegetarian:
The box was nicely labelled.

I was glad I started off with the vegetarian waffle because it was nice and light.
It was filled with tasty lentils, cauliflower, cumin seeds and spices tasting like a samosa.
This is definitely recommended for vegetarians and Indians.
Thai prawn:

The prawn had a strong lemongrass taste and the sauce tasted like red curry which was not too spicy but the version I had was different to the one Rebecca_Red15 had because there were mainly potatoes in hers.
The one I had contained lots of green peppers, onions and a few pieces of prawn.
Chili con carne:

I knew I was going to like this because of the tasty beef and kidney beans.
It was not that spicy so I could handle it.
Brussels All Day "Brekkie":

This had bacon in it drizzled with maple syrup.
The mix they used for this waffle was the same as the sweet ones which has a high ratio of egg white in it. Hence the lovely light and crispy airy texture.
Surprisingly I loved it because the saltiness of the bacon and sweet syrup were delicious.
Fruit Waffle double Ice Cream Deluxe:

I liked the way the apple filling was inside the waffle because normally it is topped with fruits and messy to eat.

It would be great if the apples were not sweetened because the icecream and white chocolate shavings were sweet.
As well as apple, I am looking forward to cherry and other fillings.
Lemon Lime drink:

This was a great refreshing thirst quencher because it was quite hot in the shop.
At the moment, my favourite waffles are the chicken tikka, chili con carne, bacon waffle and the vegetarian.

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