Monday, April 07, 2014

Frederic Blondeel chocolates now in Hong Kong

Frederic Blondeel has been a master chocolatier for over 15 years and makes chocolates at his unit in Beauvoorde, Belgium.
His chocolates are now available at K11!

I was so lucky to try their chocolates which cost around $18-$20 per piece.

Each chocolate is named according to its taste.
Joint flavours are named by the predominate taste that comes first then the aftertaste eg Rose and woody pepper which means you get the rose taste first followed by the woody pepper aftertaste.
Personally I liked this brand because other brands such as Godiva, Jean Paul Hevin and La Maison du Chocolat disappointed me.
Sao Tome 75%

It was soft with a nice crispy coating.
The sweetness and bitterness were perfectly balanced.

The Jasmine was not that significant at the beginning but it slowly comes out.
Rose and woody pepper

I don't like Rose but it was pleasant and tasted like Turkish delight but much better because it was chocolately.

This had Hazelnut gianduja, cocoa nibs with feuillantine.
I don't know why but it reminded me of the peanut M & Ms.
Szechuan Pepper

This was my favourite because it was not spicy but it had the lovely aromatic szechuan pepper taste.

The chili chocolate tastes like normal chocolate at the beginning and then the aftertaste of chili slowly comes out.
This chocolate would be a good prank for someone who does not like chili because it tastes innocently like a normal chocolate at the beginning but the chili is not that strong, so they won't get too annoyed.
For chocolate and chili lovers, this would be a good pick and you can also get Drunken Chocolate Chili Ice Cream at Yun Yan.
Cralin Dark

Caramel lovers are going to love this because the caramel is slightly salted with a crispy texture to balance out the stickiness of the caramel.
Ghana 85%

This was smooth with a hint of bitterness.
Feullantine Dark

The feullantine dark has a crunchy centre.
Cassonade Dark

The cassonade has a soft inside wtih a crispy shell.
Irish Coffee

This was my favourite because the centre was thick ganache with a mega strong Irish coffee taste.
I would definitely recommend this to guys.
K11 Art Mall, B1 Kiosk 2, Tsim Sha Tsui

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