Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tsing Yi opera festival

Held every year at Tsing Yi, is the venue for tradtional Chinese opera in a temporary bamboo structure constructed with metal sheets.
It is remarkable that they can make temporary structures with bamboos and metal sheets because the usual ones we see are made with metal poles and canopies which don't look so tacky.

Anyway, I was here for the food and not for the opera because the singing frankly sounds like strangled cats with strange painted faces.
I made the mistake of coming in the day because it was too sunny and hot to enjoy the hots snacks.

In general the fried snacks were clean and delicious but a bit pricey compared to the street stalls in Mong kok.

The items I tried were:
fried stinky tofu, fried sweet potato slice, fried fishballs and fried battered radish.

For more detailed information in Chinese, please see:

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