Friday, April 25, 2014

Dreaming on a Ferris Wheel

This cake shop which was opened in December last year is finally listed on OpenRice.

It is hidden in the old lanes of Sai Kung.

The shop has a nice dreamy name called FERRIS WHEEL and the logo makes you think of macarons because of the circles around it.
It also reminds me of Ferrero Rocher because of the colour!

There is a cute Ferris Wheel display.

In the middle there is a glass cabinet of cupcakes and cakes.

I ended up getting the Earl grey mousse and the chocolate cupcake.
Both were surprisingly good and I am so glad there is finally a decent cake shop in Sai Kung because the rest are local village style bakeries which I do not like.

I was really impressed with the cake box and bag too.
Earl grey mousse

The icing made the mousse cake pretty but I would have liked it without because the mousse was sweet enough.

Although the mousse looked dense and hard, it had a decent whipped texture which was airy and light.
The taste was rewarding too, it was chocolately with a strong earl grey taste.
Chocolate cupcake:

The cupcake surprised me as well because the texture was soft and didn't crumble.

It was not too sweet with a strong chocolate taste and it did not have that nasty buttery lard smell and taste that the local cakes have.
Ferris Wheel Cake Shop (Sai Kung)
Room A, G/F., 20 Block Front, Sai Kung Tai Street, Sai Kung

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