Tuesday, April 22, 2014

NUR = Light and Nourishing by Nurdin Topham

NUR! NUR! NUR! A new concept restaurant which is nourishing, light and gastronomic.
NUR meaning Light in Arabic which is why there are so many light-bulbs in the restaurants and the Chef himself is called Nurdin.

Head Chef Nurdin Topham is a British chef who has worked for almost 20 years’ with Raymond Blanc as well as the best restaurant in the world, NOMA.

The restaurant is really down to earth with a lovely porch, sitting area and home grown herbs which can just be plucked to eat.

For food, there are three different set dinners, LIGHT (a 6-course set dinner for HKD788) or a FEAST of 9 courses for HKD988.
Vegetarians are not left out either because they serve a Vegetarian set too.

We tried the LIGHT set which was fabulous in presentation as well as taste.

Here is what was in it.
Jasmine kombucha :

This was fermented tea with a lovely Jasmine taste. If I wasn't told, I couldn't tell it was fermented because the taste was so pleasant.

A light starter of nourishing vegetables with cute beetroot tacos with watercress cultured cream, baby sweetcorns, carrots with carrot powder and cumin.
Everything on the plate was edible including baby sweetcorn tassels.
OYSTERS Gillardeau oyster, cucumber, wasabi:

The oyster was half poached which gave it a semi raw but slightly cooked texture.
It was paired with wasabi foam, cucumber pearls and seaweed which went together surpisingly well.

SALMON Irish organic salmon, beetroot, smoked butter milk:

It had almost every colour on the plate and the stripes on the beetroots were striking.
Each piece of beetroot was fresh, crisp and sweet and the salmon was just divine.
Zen Organic Garden Vegetables:

The salad was colourful and fun to eat because we were given chopsticks for it!!
At the bottom of the bowl, there was a strong cheesy paste which gave the salad an extra kick.
Poached Japanese Taiyouran egg:

The egg was poached so beautifully and it looked like burrata cheese.
Inside, the yolk was perfectly fluid which went nicely with the tasty quinoa beneath it.
Home Made 10 Grains Sourdough with Natural Yeast:
The sourdough was soft and I loved the proper sour tones it had complemented by the earthy mushroom butter.
Roasted Chicken Thigh & Breast Roulade:

The chicken roulade was the best of both worlds, succulent chicken breast wrapped in tender chicken thigh meat on the outside, paired with a crunchy melody of Romanesco broccoli.
Bitter Chocolate, Orange & Hazelnut :

The chocolate was amazingly silky, it was like having chocolate sorbet flavoured nicely with a twist of orange and nutty hazelnuts.
As a conclusion, the FEAST would be a better option for those with bigger appetites and I wish there were more choices for tea.
Address: 3/F, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central
Telephone: 2871 9993
Email: Reservation@nur.hk

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